Why Natural Medicine


Effective Without Drugs

Natural medicine is the fastest growing field of medicine in Canada.  Conventional medicine emphasizing drugs and surgery is essential, but people are concerned about serious side effects and possible long-term health risks.  Many want a medical solution that does not rely on drugs, and studies report that 74% of the population desires a more natural approach to healthcare.  Natural medicine is the obvious option, providing safe and effective medicine without compromising your health.  Every day people are choosing natural medicine because they know a family member, friend, or someone they have heard of, has benefitted significantly from treatment.  Dr. De Monte is also licensed to prescribe drugs and as such has the unique perspective of knowing precisely how medications work and interact with natural medicines and treatment.

Doctor Who Listens

Thirty minute visits allow time for your questions to be fully answered and your health concerns addressed.  You are not cut short or rushed through your appointments.  Dr. De Monte filters through the information overload on health, nutrition, illness and drugs that you are bombarded with every day.  She makes sense of everything pertinent to your condition, not just regarding natural medicine, but about other testing and treatments you may have already received.  She performs the necessary testing and devises an individualized treatment plan for you.

Focused on Recovery and Prevention

Natural medicines are used to treat your acute symptoms and provide immediate relief.  The focus, however, is on your complete recovery and prevention of a recurrence.  Treatment therefore centers on identifying and eliminating the underlying cause of your condition.  Programs designed specifically to prevent major diseases include Cancer Prevention, Heart Disease Prevention, Memory Loss Prevention and Osteoporosis Prevention.

Science Based

Natural medicine is derived largely from scientific research conducted by the same universities, laboratories and medical schools that do the research on drugs and surgery.  For example, the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York reported from their toxicity research that subjects had an average of 91 environmental toxins in their bodies, of which 53 are known to cause cancer.  Based on this and similar research, treatment programs such as medical detoxification were developed to prevent cancer and heart disease.

Medicine with a Broad Range

Every possible condition or illness can be treated with natural medicines, from allergies and colds to fatigue and heart disease.  This includes pain and injury from accidents, sports and degenerative disease.  Natural medicines are also used in conjunction with drugs and surgery, resulting in a better outcome for you.

Your First Choice

Many people are making natural medicine their first choice before drug therapy.  They want less invasive options without side effects.  For example, pain medications such as Advil, Vioxx (now removed from the market), and Ibuprofen can be effective, but the downside of these drugs is that they contribute to arthritis, heart attack, stroke and digestive problems.  When you stop taking them, the pain returns because the problem is still there.  Natural medicines and therapies treat the immediate pain and the underlying cause of your pain.  Sometimes, it is imperative to continue your medications at the same time.  Dr. De Monte is licensed to prescribe drugs and does so when warranted.  While drug prescription is not usually associated with natural medicine,  it can be an integral part of practice today.  Many patients are taking drugs that produce significant side effects that further compromise a patient's condition.  Often doses are too high and/or too many drugs are being taken.  Dr. De Monte evaluates your medications and makes the appropriate adjustments to optimize the medications required, reduce side effects and co-ordinate treatment with natural medicines.